How to reveal your healing gift and help people

Day 3

The path of the healer

How to become a healer and start helping people

  • How to start the path of the healer
  • How to gain knowledge, experience and confidence
  • The final examination of Healer
  • The Reward of Healer
  • How to integrate healing into your life

Day 2

Gift to be a Healer

and how to develop it

  • What show that you have Gift of a Healer
  • The role of the healer in society 
  • How to develop the gift of a healer 
  • Healer Levels 
  • How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Day 1

Healing practices of Altai shamanism

  • How diseases is  develop
  • How is shamanic healing different from medical healing
  • What diseases can a healer cure
  • Shamanic Healing Practices

Reviews of the annual training