5-day Altai shamanism workshop from Ahamkara

Journey into the world of spirits

Try practices and get acquainted with the worldview and philosophy of Altai shamanism

5 lessons

5 practices

39,90 euros

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19 euros

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3 trips

5 дней

Старт завтра

Продолжительность тренинга

Скидка 70%

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Акция проходит до:

Your result after the workshop

Travel experience in the subtle world

You will be able to go to the world of dreams and understand in which area of the subtle world you are

Development of intuition and self-understanding

The practice of trance allows you to better hear the voice of intuition and understand your desires and path

Raising vibrations and living standards

Traveling into the spirit world will raise your vibrations and reduce troubles and problems

Seeing the world through the eyes of a shaman

You will see how the world works and works from the point of view of Altai shamanism and what is the path of a shaman

Knowledge, power and support of spirits

You will learn how to get in touch with animal spirits in order to receive their knowledge, strength and support

In what situations can the Journey to the Spirit World program help?

You want to know if the healing path is right for you

You feel that you may have a gift for helping people rebuild their health, relationships, and overcome problems. But you are not sure if this is the case, and would like to get more explicit confirmation from your intuition or higher powers whether to follow this path

You are looking for your tradition to study healing

You are interested in shamanism and you are looking for a suitable tradition to delve into and discover your talent as a healer. You would like to quickly get acquainted with the philosophy and practices in order to decide how they suit you and give you results

Why practices of Altai shamanism
help solve a variety of problems?

Altai shamanism is a branch of Siberian shamanism that is several thousand years old.

At the heart of this tradition lies the philosophy of constant development and raising one's vibrations. The more we develop and practice, the higher our vibration and standard of living. It is easier for us to achieve goals, we have new abilities and more love comes into life.

The practices of Altai shamanism are based on traveling through the world of dreams and contacts with spirits who give their knowledge, strength and support. Thanks to the power of the spirits, the shaman can influence the material world. For example, to reduce illness, conflicts in relationships, failures and losses in life.

The essence of the healing practice is that the shaman examines the client and finds "disorder" in his subtle or physical body, which causes problems. This may be an organ in the client's body, or an area in the client's mind. Then the shaman tunes into the vibrations of this "disorder", connects with it and then raises the vibrations of the problem area to a higher level.

To do this, the shaman uses a tambourine, trance, rituals with a journey in the subtle world, massage, herbs and other methods. As soon as he succeeds in raising the vibration of the client, the problem begins to decrease and disappear. After that, the shaman gives the client recommendations on how to maintain a higher level of vibration.

To help the client, the shaman needs to constantly develop and practice in order to raise his vibrations and receive the support of spirits and higher powers. The higher the vibrations of the shaman and the better the connection with the subtle world, the more the shaman can help people.

All this is presented in an interesting and systematic worldview, which explains the structure of the subtle world, the nature and role of spirits, the rules for interacting with them, as well as the connection between the world of dreams and the physical world.

The practices of Altai shamanism are very simple and intuitive. They are fully accessible to Europeans and can be performed in any city or village. By doing these practices, you immediately feel and see the result.

The practices and rituals of shamanism allow

Get protection and support

You can cleanse your destiny and the destiny of your ancestors in order to receive their support and protection in achieving your goals

Develop your intuition

Working with a tambourine, trance states and traveling through the world of dreams strengthen your connection with your soul and make the voice of intuition clearer

Understand yourself and your path

Through contact with the soul, you better understand your true desires, see what makes you happy and follow this path

Influence the physical world

You will see how the rituals performed by you affect the state of people and how, with their help, the situation in the lives of clients and yours is gradually changing

Experience great happiness

The shaman experiences the greatest happiness when he helps other people and sees their gratitude for the fact that their life is changing for the better

Program Benefits
"Journey to the Spirit World"

Quick introduction to the tradition

The program is small, only 5 lessons + practice. You can complete it in a couple of days, for example, over the weekend. This will allow you to quickly see if the path of the shaman-healer resonates with you and if you want to delve into this tradition.

Interesting experience and increased vibrations

By doing the practices and meditations from the Journey to the World of Spirits program, you raise your vibration level. This improves your well-being, health, internal state, helps to avoid failures and losses.

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"Journey to the Spirit World"
perfect for you if you:

Interested in shamanism and healing and looking for a practice that suits you

Feel like you have a talent for helping people solve their problems and want to develop it

Already practicing shamanism and want to learn new effective practices

Want to experience travel in the subtle world

Want to learn more about how to influence our world through interaction with spirits

What's inside the program
"Journey to the Spirit World"

Урок 1. Spirits and how they relate to us

You will learn who the spirits are, where they live, how to contact them and how they are connected to us.

Practice "Meeting with the spirit of the animal"

Lesson 2. The role of a shaman in the world and 3 types of shamans

In this tutorial, you will learn what a shaman is, what is his role in the world, the 3 levels of a shaman, and how people become shamans.

Practice "Contact with the ancestors and purification of the karma of the ancestors"

Lesson 3. Trance and travel between worlds

As a result, you will understand what types of trance are, how trance helps you travel between worlds, and what is important to know about trance.

Practice "Journey to the World of Mother Umai"

Lesson 4. Philosophy of shamanism

You will learn how the Universe works from the point of view of shamanism, who are the great spirits and how they affect our lives.

Practice "Journey through the four worlds - Erlik, Umai, Ulgen, Tengri"

Lesson 5. Methods of shamanic treatment

As a result, you will learn about the causes of illness and failure and about the main methods of shamanic healing.

Practice "Overcoming fear of change and fear of the future"

How is the training


Pay and get instant access to the course


Watch video tutorials at your convenience


Practice in a peaceful quiet place


Gain new experience and knowledge

Testimonials from those who completed the program

Patricia Elwood

The morning sun rising over Zhivo dissipates the mist. On the horizon and as far as the eye can see the land is covered in dense Taiga forest, the peaceful abode of Elk, bear and boar. Zhivo is the home for Ahamkara.

On this sacred ground where land and sky meet the gods of Ahamkara are invited to celebrate with him his love and reverence for this part of Mother Earth.


In august 2015 I was at Ahamkara’s Retreat Center for healing for a month. It has changed my life completely. Every day I got healings from him. Massage, cupping, fasting, detox, following a diet are only a few thinks that helped me extremely. Before I went to Siberia I had severe lung problems and I was extremely tired. I had to take a lot of medication. Despite the suffering during the healings the time in the retreat centre was very special for me. During the healings the first weeks I went to hell, after that I found my way back to heaven.

Emil Scheerder

In July 2016, I travelled to Siberia in order to be treated by Ahamkara, during a whole month. I have been suffering from PLS, primary lateral sclerosis, since 2009. PLS is the syndrome of progressive upper motor neuron dysfunction. As a result, the muscles in mouth, legs and arms turn stiff and spasmodic. This disease is progressive and incurable.

Each day during six hours, I was being treated with warm/cold treatments, cupping, sauna, tongue/mouth massage and belly/neck massage. Shamanistic rituals took place on a regular basis. Everyday’s diet consisted of fresh produce: vegetables, fruits, seeds, honey, herbs, nuts, etcetera. The days began with a tea of fresh herbs from the fields and a shake made out of fruits and herbs. Since Ahamkara’s wife is an excellent cook, dieting was no problem at all.

After five days I felt speaking was a lot easier then before. After two weeks, my muscles felt different and – a real bonus – my old energy returned and has remained up till this very day. The way ahead is still long, Ahamkara told me. ‘What took ten years to unfold, I can’t take away in a few weeks.’ This very moment, I feel stabilized and I doing my utmost to get better. I follow a clear plan in order to get ahead little by little.

Author and host of the program

  • Practises shamanism for over 20 years
  • Learned from the hereditary Siberian shaman
  • Founder of the retreat center ZHIVO
  • 15 years regularly makes trainings throughout Europe
  • Trained more than 600 people

The cost of the program will pleasantly surprise you

5 video lessons

5 practices and meditations

Unlimited Access

39,90 euros

19 euros

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Program Quality Assurance

This is a risk free purchase. I give you an unconditional guarantee of quality. If you change your mind within 14 days of purchase, or if you don't like anything about this program, even the color of my shirt, I will refund your payment hassle-free.

Frequently asked questions


Yes, you can get this experience. All you need to do is listen carefully to yourself during practice, trust your intuition and follow it. Whatever you experience during a trance is as real as the world you see.


After paying for the program, you will have unlimited access to lessons and practices.


You will need a quiet place where no one will disturb you, and half an hour of your time. Just get comfortable, turn on the recording and follow the instructions.


This cannot happen because we will be practicing a shallow trance. During the practice, you will maintain complete control over your body and mind, and when the practice is completed, your mind will turn on, as after waking up.