Shamanic practices
for improving life
and helping people

The annual training started on December 13, you can still join.

There is still time to complete the enrolment to the group

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Spirits helpers

Example of a lesson from the annual training program

Interview with Eugene

Here's what you will have in your personal account during training

Reviews of the training

“How to reveal your gift as a healer and help people"

Reviews of the training

It's a very good decision you made to enroll in the course, I highly recommend to do it.

I already finished the one year education some time ago and I also did the organ healing education (in person) and I just can say that those things changed my life on all levels into an awesome direction.

All the things Ahamkara teaches are extremely useful and helpful especially in my daily life, although I also use those skills professionally as a Healer and have really cool results with people.

What I love most with all the rituals and the organ healing skills is, that it "looks so easy" and indeed it is done in quite easy ways, but there is so much profound knowledge behind it. It's necessary to put highest skills and highest knowledge into it, so you can teach and provide those skills in a way, that is usable and practicable for everyone in daily life.

In my opinion that's the best a Healer can do - teaching high level skills in a practicable way, so it really is helpful for people, not only in theory but in normal life, for oneself, for children, the partner, for parents, friends or even in professional life.

I highly highly recommend to join Ahamkara's teachings, it's the best investment you can put into yourself and your well being.

Enjoy the teachings 🌻🌼🌻

Thank you so much for everything Ahamkara, I hope to meet you soon again in "real life". 😊💞😊

Hello, everyone! I’ve been living in Italy for more than 20 years now, but I was born in Poland, with Russian roots. And – it took me 4 of our meetings to understand that we have also this chat… put it on my age, put it on the Italian heat this year, put it on my not being able to understand we had this chat. First of all – thank you, Ahamkara, for this opportunity! Love each lesson you guide us through.. I missed previous comments, so I will share the one from this lesson Very shortly. When I entered the Sacred Forest asking for the proper animal to come to teach me, well – there came a worm… he just put his head out of the ground and said “follow me”. And so I did. Many teachings about the world under the surface of our Mother Earth.. when I merged into my Worm Spirit – I started to feel, to perceive the way he/she does: the presence of live in the layer that we cannot see: I was just living the moment, digging, strong of the connection of minerals, of many roots, I JUST WAS… shortly, eh? Thank you all, for now.

Thank you. Hello everyone. Sorry I join this late and miss your introductions and experiences. Allways been interested in living in Light and Love, as I think is our true essence. As life goes on, there were times I was seriously busy with the search of myself, as a conscious creature, and times my ratio said that was nonsense, fantasy, and even when it was true, no way to give it a place in live and society.
Now, again, the search ànd believe are (again) high in my consciousness, made stronger by a sense of trauma from early childhood (and before?). Yes, I am interested in spirituality, and tend to feel at home in the sjamanistic field. I hope to find indeed my home, my Light my Love, as a sjaman woman and healer.

Thank you Ahamkara. For lesson 2. I started crying bc i recognised i was groundless. I had no connection with my ancestors. Doing this ritual i felt so much warmth to me and for them. And so many ppl ! The image of the family tree and the living people made me very happy. Feel content and peaceful. Living.

Thank you for this gift! I just completed day 2 ritual and was brought to tears and overwhelmed with love and gratitude for my ancestors which I have never been able to feel before because of horrible things that happened in this life. I was born gifted with connection and developed a fear after some life experiences. In that short ritual alone, I got rid of all the negativity and experienced love and support like it’s meant to be. Thank you 🙏🏻

Hi, synchronicity brought me to this group ;) Ahamkara, 3 days ago I "randomly" found your youtube video, in monday we had one meditation  and when I opened the door of the "Soul's archive", the shaman's coat literally fell into my lap 😊 So here I am .  Thanks for ceremony  to connect with my ancestors, will repeat it because I have a problem to free my mind and let go of control. It's constant battle for supremacy between mind and heart. I know and understand what's going on but it isnt easier 😁 Will need more work !  Big hug to all from Slovenia.

Hi all. I enrolled in the course. Since then my bones became warm, i can breath out and i have the feeling i can sit, before i always had the feeling i had to run (away ?). Hope to see u soon. Talked to a friend he said its good, intense, takes lots of time and practice. But recommended it. 🐝🦋🐘

Day 5. “Helping others”

Day 4. “Strengthening relationships”

Day 3. “Connection with your vocation”

Day 2. "Restoring health"

Today, in one video, both the topic of the day and the description of the practice of hardening

Day 1. “Strengthening intuition”

Practice for the lesson

Here are the topics of the lessons

1️⃣ 15.11 “Strengthening intuition”
The importance of intuition for shamanic practices, ways to strengthen the voice of intuition. Practice “Tengri Channel”

2️⃣ 16.11 “Restoring health”
How diseases arise, shamanic methods of treatment and prevention of diseases. The practice of shamanic hardening.

3️⃣ 17.11 “Connection with vocation”
How the soul is arranged in the shamanic worldview, what is a vocation, how to understand your destiny. Practice “Meeting with the Mother Beast”

4️⃣ 18.11 “Strengthening relationships”
Energy reasons of problems in relationships, orders and hierarchy in different relationships, rituals and practices for the harmonization of relationships. The practice of gratitude to loved ones.

5️⃣ 19.11 “Helping others”
The purpose of the shaman, ways to purify one's karma and the fate of loved ones, ways to transfer positive energy to other people. The practice of shamanic prayer to help loved ones.